Our Scents
We keep a running list of all of our scents, present and past, and if you want to try a retired scent, reach out. We may be able to make you something with it! 
Bergamot is a 100% essential oil blend of bergamot, clary sage, citrus and a touch of cedarwood to deliver a bold, complex, fresh fragrance.
Bitter Orange is a sophisticated fragrance made of an intoxicating combination of neroli, cardamom and basil. RETIRED
Blood Orange Clove is a blend of blood orange, cinnamon and clove essential oils. The distinct top, mid and base notes combine to create a warm and piquant scent.
Cedar Sage is a blend of sage, cedarwood, basil, mint, patchouli and rosemary that creates an earthy, fresh and intriguing 100% essential oil scent.
Citrus’s top notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit come together in this light and sweet 100% essential oil scent. RETIRED
Coconut is tropical and sweet, it will brighten your day and lighten your mood. RETIRED
Eucalyptus Mint is an invigorating and uplifting mix of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. Popular in lotions, soap and bath salts, it is our quintessential at home spa scent.
Fern Linden is a grassy and green scent, fresh and sunny, that will brighten your day. RETIRED
Fig is sweet, soft and a little musky, with floral top notes and a lingering woody base.
Geranium is as bold and fresh and true to scent as being in your garden on a hot summer day. RETIRED 
Our most popular scent across all products, Grapefruit is fresh and strong and just sweet enough, with a touch of verbena that adds a sophisticated complexity.
The bitter earthiness of the tea leaves is countered by the sweetness of vanilla in our Green Tea scent, creating a versatile and intriguing fragrance. RETIRED.
Honey Almond is sweet like cookies but with a nostalgic and complex intricacy that will have you coming back to this alluring fragrance over and over again.
Honeysuckle Pear is fruity and floral, crisp and sweet. These two scents beautifully pair to evoke a warm late summer evening. RETIRED.
Our Jasmine has hints of peony and sandalwood that strengthens the floral notes as well as adding a bit of earthiness. You will love this familiar yet unique fragrance. 
Sourced from an organic lavender farm at the base of Mt Hood in Oregon, our 100% essential oil Lavender scent has just a little fir needle mixed in to enhance the lavender scent we all know and love.
Lilac is delicate and fresh, with just a bit of geranium to provide balance and depth. This fragrance is so true to scent, it’s just like smelling a blooming lilac in your garden. RETIRED
Lime Peppermint is a 100% essential oil blend that was inspired by our favorite cocktail, the Mojito. Playful yet elegant, it is a great way to brighten your mood. RETIRED
Oud, a fragrant resin derived from the Agar tree, has smoky and musky notes to create a mysterious and captivating fragrance.
Our Palo Santo is named for the holy wood used by the shaman of the indigenous first people of the Americas as protection from negativity and demons. We pay homage to these rituals by recreating the scent with a sustainable blend of woods, citrus, mint and nag champa.  
Our sharp and clean Rose captures the essence of fresh cut blossoms with it’s notes of wild geranium and cedar.
Sandalwood’s earthy scent is complex and subtle with hints of black pepper and conifer barks. 
Tobacco Flower balances a fresh floral top note with earthy base and has a clean freshness throughout. RETIRED
Tuberose’s strong floral top note is delicately balanced with a musky base to create an elegant and beautiful fragrance.
Vetiver Fern blends the freshness of ferns with the earthy sophistication of vetiver and amber to create a strong and refined fragrance.
Wintergreen Fir is a 100% essential oil blend of wintergreen, fir needle, mint and lavender that come together and make a crisp, minty scent that evokes cozy times during snowy winter days .
Unscented is completely fragrance free and is a great option for those with sensitivities to scent.