Fragrance Pairings
Below are a few great pairing options if you want to burn more than one candle at a time, mix perfumes, or if you’re putting together a gift of more than one product and don’t want them to all be one fragrance.
Grapefruit and Jasmine: The tangy citrus plays beautifully with the strong and fresh scent of jasmine
Rose and Sandalwood or Palo Santo: The earthiness of sandalwood or palo santo sing when paired with our beautiful and clean rose scent
Bitter Orange and Tuberose: Bitter orange and tuberose are both such strong and beautiful scents that compliment each other perfectly. This combination has been particularly popular among our Japanese audience.
Honey Almond and Blood Orange Clove: The sweetness of the honey almond is wonderfully enlivened by the cinnamon and clove.
Lavender and Citrus: The classic lavender scent is enriched by the sweet freshness of our citrus blend.
Wintergreen Fir and Citrus: The earthiness of the fir and the sweetness of the citrus come together beautiful with the fresh clean mint.