About Us
Blithe and Bonny is a mother and daughter owned and operated small batch bath and body company in Happy Valley, Oregon. Since 2009, we have worked hard to hand make beautiful, delicious smelling products with high quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. We are constantly searching out and learning about better more eco-conscious options and we are always willing and ready to improve our ingredients, packaging, sourcing and processes to do as much as we can to ensure the health of our bodies and our planet.
A question we get a lot is about our name! Blithe and Bonny means Happy and Pretty and is taken from the song “Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more” by William Shakespeare in the play Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a beautiful song about female empowerment and enjoying the moment.
We have closed our brick and mortar store due to the Covid-19 pandemic but are available online at at several stores in across the country.
Please follow us on Instagram for the latest information @blitheandbonny_pdx
Phone: 831-708-8307
Email: shop@blitheandbonny.com


Thanks so much for supporting our family! 

Always, Glenda and Blake