10% To The Bees
Starting in 2020 we have decided to donate 10% of our profits to saving the bees by working with various dedicated small and large charities and non profits. 
Bees are dying off all around the world because of pesticides, fungus, mite infestations, natural disasters, and global warming. There are many small ways we can protect them, from not using Roundup or other pesticides, to planting our gardens with plants bees love, to even just buying organic produce at the grocery store! You can even keep bees in your back yard! These are personal changes we can make to help bees but there are many groups out there doing things on a larger scale to help the bees survive! 
We are committed to supporting the best non-profits out there that are working hard to save the bees, in every way possible, from implementing big structural changes from the top down, to making organic food more readily available and cheaper, to teaching people how to do those personal changes like keeping bees in their yard and how to plant bee friendly gardens. There are so many things we all can and need to do to save the bees and we are so proud and excited to be part of this crucial movement. People have come together to change their ways to save other animals in the past and we can do it again if we all work together! Here's to the bees!